FAQs about Becoming a Stephen Minister

How much of my time will it really involve?

There are 50 hours of training, which may include a retreat. As a Stephen Minister, you will visit about once a week (for about one hour) with the person you are caring for. You will also attend two meetings per month for supervision and continuing education.

How much money will this cost?

The church will absorb 50% of the cost, asking that you pay only $25 for the Stephen Minister Kit, which includes your training manual and all books that you are required to read during your training.

Will I have to spend money on the person I am caring for (the care receiver)?

No, you are not expected to spend any money whatsoever on the care receiver. You are also not expected to personally provide any other specific services for a care receiver, such as transportation or baby-sitting, for example. As a Stephen Minister, you may, at times, assist in arranging for such services.

Will Calvary’s counselor, Jane Kaufman, and our pastors still help and counsel people?

 Most definitely! Stephen Ministers complement our pastors’ and family therapist ministries and provide even more care to those who need it.

How will I personally benefit from this experience?

You will learn many skills that will be valuable in your personal life as well as in your Stephen Ministry. Also, the satisfaction of helping another person is a wonderful blessing.

Do I have to stop being a Stephen Minister after two years?

 While the original commitment is for two years, many people decide to continue as Stephen Ministers long after. You and your Stephen Leader will make that decision when the time comes.

Will the care receiver really want my care?

Yes. One of our Stephen Leaders will talk with the care receiver before a referral is made.  Only after the care receiver understands Stephen Ministry and has agreed to meet with a Stephen Minister, will you be contacted.

When will training begin and how long will it take?

We schedule a training class each fall. The training period requires 50 hours.  At the conclusion of the training, the Stephen Ministers will be commissioned at a worship service in front of the congregation.  Once you are trained and commissioned, we want that confidence to continue, so we ask that all Stephen Ministers participate in Supervisory Meetings twice a month.

I would like to pursue becoming a Stephen Minister. What is my next step?

Simply contact any of the Stephen Ministry Leaders at Calvary.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Stephen Ministry Leadership at Calvary

Pastor Michael Marion:  683-3913

Linda Wyatt:  259-1868

Larry Wyatt:  687-3674

Shari Borger:  651-6318

Dixie Brown:  634-0479

Monte Evans:  733-4302

Teresa Moritz:  706-8920