Are you a part of the men’s ministry at Calvary. YES YOU ARE. Men’s ministry at Calvary is all-inclusive to the ministry life of the church. As Pastor Mike says, men are foundational to that ministry life. So if you worship, if you serve with the youth, usher, sing in the choir or have ever had breakfast with us, you are part of the men’s ministry of Calvary. The real questions are how can we help you get more connected”? How can we help you grow spiritually or find a place to use your gifts to serve?

Here are some OPPORTUNITIES.


Calvary is a charter church with the General Commission for United Methodist Men. As a charter church, we are connected in all the ways the greater church serves from helping scouting and youth programs to supporting the Upper Room prayer line, feeding the hungry or ministering to those in prison. To find out what opportunities you may be interested in, please go to


In 2010, the Wesleyan Building Brothers ministry got its start at Calvary. WBB is a “spin-off” of the Building Brothers Ministry WBB is fully endorsed by BB and by the GCUMM. It is a small group ministry that now has five generations of men at Calvary as well as other churches throughout the state. The ministry is still growing with strong visibility in Virginia, and just beginning in several other states using ZOOM technology. We are blessed that through our Virginia connection we have introduced the ministry into the Methodist church in Cuba and small groups are forming there. For more information, go to http:// TBD.


In 2015, Calvary initiated an annual Gathering of Christian men in the Great Plains Conference. National speakers challenge us to find ways to use the gifts God has given us to do the task he has prepared for us in the world. Funding for the Gathering comes from sponsors SO THAT proceeds from the registrations may be used to provide financial aide to young women and men working on a degree in ministry.



Some of  the words we heard as we wrapped up the 2018 Wichita Christian Men’s  Gathering.   Our Spiritual Guide, Rev Junius Dotson (left) and our  motivator, Coach Kris Hogan (right)  combined to challenge the men to make the difference for Jesus by spiritually reproducing, by maintaining our identity in Jesus, by staying on purpose for him, having a vision for Christian living.  Oh, we raised more than $1,400 for scholarship aid for women and men attending a Christian college in Kansas.  If you did not join us this year, come join us next year on April 27, again at Calvary UMC on Rock Road.