Upsidedown Town (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

In the Upsidedown Town, we use a rotation-based model in which kids discover a new Bible story every month. Each week kids will learn about the story in a new way. It could be cooking, experiments, art, music, games, computers or even sacred space! Age level groups have special adult friends, shepherds, who connect to and travel with kids to the different workshops.

This is how it works…

9:30–9:45—Upsidedown Town Check-in Center at the north end of the church toward the west basement door. There will be an adult there to greet your child and teach them to print out their own nametag. Once they have their nametag, an adult in your family will take your child downstairs. At the entrance to the basement, you’ll find the weekly schedule that tells what workshop classes will visit.

9:30-9:45—Room B10—Unstructured supervised play at the Park downstairs. This is an optional time for those arriving early. There will be an adult greeter and supervisor.

9:45-10:00—Room B11—Hangin' out on The Back Porch with music, birthdays, jokes and story refresher. Large group leader: Krissy Matthaei

10:00-10:45—Lessons at one of the rotation stations.

10:45—A designated family adult or older sibling will pick up your child at that learning workshop.