Is it OK to Bring My Children to Worship?
Definitely yes!!

You will find…
  • a welcoming community encouraging your family to worship together
  • special children’s message from the pastor
  • open communion for ALL ages w/ parental guidance
  • FIDDLEBOXES- pick up in the lobby/narthex for busy hands and wiggly bodies
  • activity sheets- get them from an usher
  • children leading worship as acolytes. Childrens’ choirs, collecting food offerings and much more!

What if my baby gets fussy or my toddler is too wiggly?

Check out Calvary’s top-notch Nursery!
  • available for children four years and younger
  • trained, nurturing childcare experts
  • safe, cheerful, clean, equipped spaces
  • located in the north wing, Room C2