Do Justice

Calvary is passionate about God’s call to respond to oppression with justice and peace. We work together to address systemic issues in our community and within the church so that the ways we are living match God’s vision for our world, the Kingdom of God.

Green Team

Calvary has a team passionate about the earth and finding ways to be caretakers for creation! From learning more about recycling to supporting efforts to reduce and reuse, this team informs and encourages our church family to be stewards of the planet God entrusts to us.


Calvary’s Human Trafficking Awareness Group helps Calvary members become educated about and take active steps to help end Human Trafficking in our world. This team works closely with local nonprofits to address the root causes of trafficking in our community and support people coming out of trafficking trauma.

Reconciling Team

Calvary Reconciling Team is helping our church family to have healthy conversations around human sexuality and the rights of LBGTQ people in our local United Methodist Church and throughout the United Methodist Denomination.

Anti-Racism Task Force

Calvary Anti-Racism Task Force seeks to address racism and bias within our church structure and the Wichita community. The work we do is both educational for church members and active as we seek to change systems of oppression in the community and country.


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