Next Steps - Here's what to do.

1. Worship with us. There’s no better time for a “test drive” than when the body is gathered together to worship.
2. Share some contact information. We don’t want to harass you,and we’ll never sell your information. We would like to be able to follow up with you, to send you a few newsletters, and to invite you to a few key events or activities that might be of interest to you.
3.Introduce yourself. Whether you introduce yourself to a pastor or to the person near you in the pews, you allow us the chance to call you by name and welcome you fully.
4.Try out a small group or two. You may choose a Sunday School class a weeknight bible study, singing in the choir, or participating in a United Methodist Women’s circle or a Wesleyan Building Brothers group for men. Whatever you choose, having time each week to connect more deeply with others on the journey will enhance your experience and help you feel more connected to the life of the congregation.
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