Season Two
Word & Table with Pastor Mike and Cindy Marion

S 2 E 1 "Recipe for Life"

S2 E2 "We Is Greater Than Me"

Pastor Mike and Cindy Marion discuss how God uses our collective gifts, talents, ideas, and energies to transform lives and the world. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts or ingredients (kind of like a great sauce). Speaking of sauce, Cindy and Mike also share their favorite recipe for enchilada sauce and the stacked enchiladas that go with it.

S2 E3 "Lord, It's Hard to Be Humble"

Pastor Mike and Cindy Marion share a message on humility and a recipe for 2nd Place Chili. The episode includes clips from Calvary's Youth Ministry Chili Cook Off.

Season One
Word & Table with Pastor Mike and Cindy Marion

Episode 1 "Word & Table"

Episode 2 "Bread of Life"

Episode 3 "The Vine and the Branches"

Episode 4 "The Good Shepherd"

Episode 5 "Season of Joy"

Episode 6 "Advent Traditions"

Episode 7 "Red, Green or Christmas?"

Episode 8 "St. Basil's Cake"

Episode 9 "The Most Important Thing"

Episode 10 "The Souper Bowl"

Episode 11 "Love Languages"

Episode 12 "And When You Fast..."

Episode 13 "Christ Before Me"

Episode 14 "Holy Week - Passover"

Episode 15 "Happy Easter!"

Episode 16 "Earth Day"

Episode 17 "Gifts of the Heart"

Episode 18 "Gifts of Hospitality"

Episode 19 "The Trinity"

Episode 20 "Recipe for Sabbath Rest"