Back to School Blessing 2023

July 16 - August 13 2023

Calvary, it is time for our annual Outreach project for our school partners, Cloud Elementary and Little Early Childhood Center!!

Uniforms are out in Walmart, Costco, JC Penney, Kohls and maybe Sams.  Please note the acceptable colors for Cloud.  The sensory, incentive and snack items for Little are available where ever you purchase groceries.

The list of needs includes:
-Snacks (cheese balls, M&Ms, Skittles, Fruit Loops, Goldfish)
-Sensory items (shaving cream, rice, dry beans, dry pasta, containers of dry oatmeal)
-Pants (Sm, M, L, XL) in navy or khaki
-Shirts (Sm, M, L, XL) in red, white, or navy
-Crew neck sweatshirts (Sm, M, L, XL) in red or navy

Our partners appreciate the support of Calvary and are always excited to be on the receiving end of our donations!    Bring your donations to Calvary anytime before August 13 or, if you prefer to let us shop for you, write Back to School Blessing on your check and place it in an offering box or mail it to the church.  You can also give online at

Thanks for supporting teachers and children in our community.  If you have questions contact Karla Stenzel for Cloud or Liz Lippoldt for Little ECC.