Featured Playlist: Courageous (Anti-Racism)

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Spotify Playlist: Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters

WATCH: Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Racism

What is implicit bias? NYT/POV's Saleem Reshamwala unscrews the lid on the unfair effects of our subconscious.

READ: 4 Spiritual Practices for the Journey Towards Anti-Racism

"Know that it's a marathon, not a sprint."
Follow the link below to the Fuller Youth Institute's practices towards anti-racism: 1) Claiming our own stories, 2) Learning (and re-learning) history, 3) laying all burdens and emotions before God, and 4) Practicing discernment and self-care

STUDY: The Theology of Being Anti-Racist

The work of anti‐racism is a work of discipleship responding to Jesus’ call to build the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven. Follow the link below for the Great Plains Conference's "Biblical-Wesleyan Theological Foundation of Anti-Racism Work."